At FELTMORE we are conscientious about the world as a whole.  We strive to do our part in bridging the gap between third world countries and developed nations.  Our philosophy is rooted in a natural, sustainable environment for all.

FELTMORE is pleased to present our contribution to narrowing the divide between nations by offering everyone an equal advantage.  FELTMORE slippers indulge feet in luxurious, unsurpassed comfort; a pleasure enjoyed by any hard working person, any where on earth.

Whether feet are exhausted or well rested,  FELTMORE slippers become a treasured, craved passion by those who wear them.  They are hand made by the finest felt crafters the world over.   Feet enjoy thermo regulated relaxation, year round!

People on every continent and in every country connect in desired comfort by wearing FELTMORE slippers.  And they do it in FELTMORE style!  Our exclusive, contemporary style breaths new life into traditional slippers.  We add to that by offering fashionable colours to suit any and all environments.

FELTMORE's inspiration came, in part, from the amazing Nick Vujicic!  In Nick's words, "Go out and try - you never know who you might inspire along the way."  We, at FELTMORE, strive not only to share an outstanding product, but also to be an inspiration to someone in the world!

Thank you for stopping by!


FELTMORE Features:

  • Hand made from 100% premium wool
  • Environmentally safe (sheep are never harmed)
  • Packaged in reusable, transparent containers
  • Select colors available to suit any environment
  • European and American sizes: 37-45 EU; 7-12 US (24-29 cm)
  • Your purchase helps give back to regions in need